Solar Genesis: Everything You Need to Know at Laser Plus Clinic Thunder Bay, Ontario

Solar Genesis: Everything You Need to Know

Overview: What is solar genesis?

Solar genesis is a pulsed light system treatment that is way more effective for treating skin pigment issues more comfortably compared to most (if not all) similar treatments out there today. Because of the high comfort levels of the treatment, there is no need of using topical anesthetic or gel before treatment. Furthermore, the treatment offers superior results faster. Solar genesis is simply the next generation of pulsed light skin treatments.

What areas does solar genesis treat?

Solar genesis is undoubtedly one of the fastest, safest, most comfortable and innovative treatments for getting rid of age spots and sun spots on the face, chest and arms today without using gels or topical anesthetics. Solar genesis also gets rid of brown spots such as birth marks, freckles, cafe marks and pregnancy masks (brown spots caused by pregnancy) that aren’t related to aging or skin damage. In fact, solar genesis can treat virtually any part of the body with discrete spots but is popular for treating the face, chest, arms and shoulders since these areas get the most sun exposure. These areas are also most susceptible to discrete spots.

How does solar genesis work?

Solar genesis machines such as the Cutera XEO (which is in fact the best solar genesis machine available today) deliver visible light which is selectively absorbed by the treatment area causing the pigment to be drawn out and sloughed. This eventually gets rid of the spots. The heat produced by the treatment results in a therapeutic effect.

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What to expect

It is important to note that a patient’s responsiveness to solar genesis is dictated by a number of factors including skin colour, treatment area, where you seek treatment (you should seek treatment in the best solar genesis clinics available i.e. Laser Plus Clinic), your ability to follow guidelines etc. With that said, let’s take a closer look at what you should expect when you finally decide to go for treatment.

Before treatment

Patients who are supposed to undergo solar genesis need to adhere to some guidelines for them to be able to get the best out of the treatment. For instance, patients need to;

1. Avoid exposure to the sun as well as excessive tanning 3 weeks before treatment.

2. Avoid using bath oils and lotions on the treatment area/s the night before (or a day before) treatment.

Visit the resources page for a pre and post treatment brochure.

During treatment

Solar genesis usually takes a few minutes but may take longer if the treatment area is large. It is therefore possible to receive the treatment during your lunch break.

What does solar genesis treatment feel like?

According to many reviews online, solar genesis is by far the most comfortable treatments available for getting rid of age spots and sun spots. The treatment is so comfortable you don’t need any gels or topical anesthetics as is the case with most similar treatments available today. The treatment is described by many as cool and comfortable. You may however feel a very mild and brief pinching sensation when the solar genesis machine hand piece is placed on the treatment area.

After treatment

After treatment, you should expect area of hyper-pigmentation to darken by 2 - 3 shades. You may also notice slight reddening around the treatment area. The reddening lasts for a few hours while the darkening takes a few weeks (1-3 weeks) to clear. In case of any swelling after treatment which is very rare, patients are advised to use cold packs for approximately 24 hours to get rid of the swelling. Patients are also advised to take medication such as Tylenol to get rid of any discomfort if necessary.

You should also avoid rubbing the treatment area when showering. After showering, you should pat dry the treatment area gently. It is also advisable to avoid irritating and/or harsh topicals on the treatment area i.e. topicals with alpha hydroxyl acids. You should also avoid anti wrinkle creams, acne creams etc. Patients are also advised to stay away from internal as well as external heat sources like saunas, hot baths and extreme exercise since heat can stimulate melanocytes which results in hyper-pigmentation.

Also, it is advisable to rest for at least 24 hours before you resume normal activity to get the best treatment results. This shouldn’t however be mistaken that you can’t do anything for a day. This guideline applies to vigorous activity only. You should however resume exercising 2 to 3 weeks after receiving treatment because of reasons mentioned above i.e. avoid internal heat.

Possible side effects

Solar genesis has no known harmful side effects especially when the treatment is administered by professionals i.e. Laser Plus Clinic using the best solar genesis machine available today i.e. the Cutera XEO. With that said, it is important to note that some blistering can occur on the treatment area accompanied by scabs and/or crusts. This is however very rare. Infections are also extremely rare after treatment especially if you keep the treatment area clean and apply antibiotic ointment as directed by your skin specialist.

When should I expect to see results?

Most solar genesis patients show significant signs of improvement 2-3 weeks after treatment. It may however take a few months to get the final/best result. Visit our Beauty Solutions section for frequently asked questions and photos of solar genesis.

How many treatments are needed?

Most solar genesis patients need only 1 or 2 treatments to enjoy great results. The sooner you get treatment for hyper-pigmentation the better. The longer the hyper-pigmented spot is left untreated, the thicker and more difficult it can be to treat. Additional treatment is generally required for large treatment areas i.e. areas with very large and/or dense spots.

Pregnancy masks are only treated after the delivery of your baby for two reasons: 

1. pregnancy masks can sometimes disappear on their own. Talk to us if you are curious about the details about pregnancy masks.

2. we do not treat patients with solar genesis, laser treatments, etc. while pregnant. 

Is the treatment permanent?

Spots treated by solar genesis don’t reappear. New spots may however appear but they to can be eliminated. To prevent new spots i.e. sun damage spots from appearing , it’s important to apply sunscreen when you are outdoors to reduce sun damage.


The above information summarizes everything you need to know about solar genesis treatment. After going through the above information, you shouldn’t have any doubt/issues about seeking the treatment. Provided you understand the above information and seek solar genesis treatment from reputable skin specialists like Laser Plus Clinic who use the best solar genesis machines, you shouldn’t expect to have any problems getting rid of any age spots and sun spots forever in a safe, fast and comfortable way. 

Solar Genesis (IPL) Price List

Treatment of Sun and Age Spots - any brown spots

$100 per 15 minutes of treatment

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