Pro-Derm: Recommended by Medical Professionals at Laser Plus Clinic Thunder Bay, Ontario

Pro-Derm: Recommended by Medical Professionals

Pro-Derm: The Best Cosmeceutical Products Company Out There Today

It’s not very often you will come across a skincare company that is highly recommended by medical professionals. Pro-Derm is one such company and there are many reasons behind it. First and foremost, Pro-Derm is one of the few skincare companies that manufactures skin care products based on the latest clinical as well as scientific research. This guarantees quality, safety, and effectiveness which are the most important qualities of any skincare product.

In fact, most people shy away from most skin care products available in the market today because of their low quality, ineffectiveness and potentially unsafe side effects. Although there may be other reasons such as price, most people are looking for high-quality products which have been proven to be safe and effectiveness.

This is exactly what Pro-Derm offers.

Pro-Derm products have been proven to counteract skin aging among other skin problems better than any other products out there in the market today which results in a better appearance. The products are so effective, high quality and safe that many physicians recommend them alongside anti-aging treatments/medical interventions like laser treatments, aesthetic surgery, facial peels and injections for wrinkles and lines just to mention a few medical interventions.

Pro-Derm meets the highest standards possible for skincare products today. Their products are environmentally friendly and natural i.e. free of perfume, paraben, alcohol, and mineral oil among other substances that are responsible for the majority of the negative effects brought about by most skincare products on sale today. Below is a more detailed discussion on why you should really consider buying all your skincare products from Pro-Derm.

About Pro-Derm: Brief History

In order to ascertain the quality of Pro-Derma products, it’s important to look at the history of the company. Pro-Derma was founded in 1996 in Montreal with the aim of producing products that achieve or maintain beautiful skin as well as optimize dermatology procedures done by dermatologists, physicians, and plastic surgeons. Since 1996, all products have been manufactured in Canada by a team of highly trained, skilled and experienced chemists and a dermatologist. Since being founded 20 years ago, Pro-Derm has been focusing and still focuses on producing high-quality cosmeceutical (cosmetic and pharmaceutical) products.

Why you should consider buying Pro-Derm products over any other cosmeceutical products in the market today

1. Great product variety

You should really consider buying Pro-Derm because of their incredible and extensive product variety. Pro-Derm has one of the best varieties of cosmeceutical products in the market today. Pro-Derm sells; Antioxidant protectors, enriched moisturizers, exfoliants, skin lighteners and specialized products just to mention a few products in the company’s product selection. Pro-Derm’s product variety is capable of offering you any kind of cosmeceutical product you want regardless of your skin type and age among other factors. There is therefore no need to go anywhere else when you are looking for the best variety of high quality, safe and effective cosmeceutical products.

2. Pro-Derm products are made using the highest quality ingredients

Pro-Derm utilizes a combination of high quality ingredients i.e. innovative agents, pure essential oils and natural botanical extracts to produce the highest quality cosmeceutical products. This additive effect as well as complementarity combined with transdermal pharmaceuticals results in products with unmatched effectiveness. Besides, all the ingredients in Pro-Derm products are natural and free of alcohols, parabens, perfume and mineral oils which are harmful to the skin. Pro-Derm favours botanical ingredients which have great natural bactericidal properties.

3. Pro-Derm products have been tested and proven to work

You should also consider buying cosmeceutical products from Pro-Derm because their products have been tested and proven to work by many including skincare experts.

4. Pro-Derm sells many of their products in airless containers

Instead of adding chemical additives to prolong the shelf life of their products, Pro-Derm packs most of their products in airless containers which ensures the stability as well as protection of their products. Very few cosmeceutical products are free chemical additives meant to make products have a longer shelf life. This is another great reason for buying Pro-Derm products.

5. Pro-Derm constantly optimizes their products

Unlike many skincare companies, Pro-Derm is constantly improving their product formulations to offer even better results. Despite being in business for over two decades, Pro-Derm hasn’t become complacent which simply means they will continue improving the quality of their products for many years to come.

6. Pro-Derm offers product exclusivity

Also, Pro-Derm is one of the few skincare companies in the market today that can boast of having products that are exclusive to specialized medical clinics and select drugstores. Exclusivity is an important feature for safeguarding quality.


The above information highlights the main reasons why you should consider Pro-Derm products over any other cosmeceutical products in the market today. Although there are many other reasons why you should buy Pro-Derm, the above reasons are adequate enough to convince any person looking for the best cosmeceutical products in the market today. Pro-Derm products are made using the best natural ingredients. The products have also been tested and proven to work and are exclusive as well as free of harmful additives known to cause adverse skin reactions. When you consider other notable reasons such as; Pro-Derm products are made by highly trained, skilled and experienced medical experts i.e. chemists and a dermatologist and the products are continuously optimized, it is easy to see why Pro-Derm products come highly recommended.

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