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PCA SKIN - globally recognized skin care products

The Best Skincare Company Today

PCA SKIN has to be one of the best skincare companies online today. The company stands out in every aspect from professionalism to a great product variety that has been tested and proven to work for over 25 years. With the presence of many ineffective, potentially dangerous and counterfeit skincare products, it’s extremely important to ensure you buy your skincare products from reputable brands with a proven track record. That’s where PCA SKIN comes in. Unlike most skincare companies out there, PCA SKIN has been producing high quality and effective products for years. The company recognizes the fact that your skin is unique, therefore, your skin care products should be unique too.

The global skincare products industry is worth an estimated $110 billion according to the latest statistics. The sheer size of the industry as well as the growth prospects have attracted and continue to attract very many unscrupulous players out to make money without offering effective skin care solutions. If you’re tired of using ineffective and potentially unsafe skin care products, look no further. Below is a detailed review aimed at letting you know why PCA SKIN is one of the best (if not the best) skin care companies today.

About PCA SKIN: Brief History

PCA SKIN has been around since 1990.The company was founded by an aesthetician and then developed by a dermatologist. In a period of 25 years, PCA SKIN has grown to become a highly recognized and respected brand in the skincare industry. Since 1990, PCA SKIN has been striving to offer innovative products and unmatched customer support. PCA SKIN is, in fact, the innovator behind many popular and effective skin peels such as the Jessner’s modified and enhanced peel among many other chemical peels which have been expanded to offer treatment options catering for all skin types, conditions, and ethnicity. According to the latest statistics, over 1 million PCA SKIN peels are done globally every year.

PCA SKIN has also grown to become a global leader in skin health education. The company is currently teaching clinicians globally on skin physiology as well as safe and effective chemical peel application. PCA SKIN has always been and continues to be a globally respected and trusted innovator in the skin care industry. The company’s vision is improving the lives of people by offering results oriented skin care solutions which have been backed by science to guarantee effectiveness and safety.


PCA SKIN sells a wide variety of products for any skin care condition/application you can think off. The company sells cleansers, antioxidants, body treatments, exfoliants, masks, peptides, retinols, serums, toners, moisturizers and solution sets just to mention a few skin care products by category.

By skin type, PCA SKIN has all types of skin care products you can think off for individuals with normal, dry, oily and sensitive skin.

By skin concern, PCA SKIN has a variety of skin care products for treating skin problems related to acne, discolourations, visible aging and sensitive skin. The company also has preventative skin products.

PCA SKIN also has a daily care routine regimen that helps people achieve skin care goals faster and better. The regimen teaches you how to cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect your skin every day. Furthermore, all daily care products have been formulated to work together perfectly regardless of the combination.

Why Choose PCA SKIN?

There are many reasons why you should consider buying all your skincare products from PCA SKIN. From the above information, the company clearly offers one of the best product varieties and is a true global leader in the industry. For more of these reasons and many others, below are the top reasons for choosing PCA SKIN.

1. All products are uniquely formulated using hand selected ingredients backed by science

PCA SKIN is one of the few skincare companies globally that hand selects ingredients for all its products in an effort to ensure the best results possible. Unlike other skin care companies, PCA SKIN selects product ingredients by considering many factors including the unique compatibility of ingredients with specific skin types among other custom criteria i.e. selecting ingredients naturally found in the body and skin for maximum compatibility.

This is one of the main reasons PCA SKIN products are so safe and effective. The company uses ingredients which have been tested and proven to work wonders for the skin. PCA SKIN products are free of mineral oil, fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrolatum, phthalates and lanolin which are responsible for causing many human skin health and environmental problems.

2. All products have been tested and proven to be safe and effective

PCA SKIN performs very extensive product testing before releasing any new products. In fact, new PCA SKIN products take many years to perfect. This is unlike many skincare companies out there that rush to release products without thorough testing. You are therefore assured of a safe and effective skincare products when you buy from PCA SKIN.

3. PCA SKIN has the best variety of skincare products addressing all skin issues you can think off

PCA SKIN stocks plenty of skincare products capable of addressing all skin issues regardless of skin type (i.e. normal, dry, oily, combination, sensitive) and skin concern (i.e. visible aging, acne, discolourations, and sensitive skin). The company has the best product variety you can think off from cleansers, antioxidants, exfoliants and body treatments to masks, peptides, retinols, serums, toners, moisturizers, solution sets name it! There is no skincare product you need that PCA SKIN doesn’t have.

4. PCA SKIN’s research and development & quality assurance is unmatched

PCA SKIN has a research and development as well as a quality assurance department that is way above industry standards. The company’s formulas are extensively researched before being designed and executed in-house by the company’s very own Ph.D. chemist. PCA SKIN addresses each and every skin condition/problem holistically by developing products that combine the best ingredients with the latest research/technologies and quality standards. PCA SKIN is, therefore one of very few skincare companies that go a step further to produce outstanding skincare products.

5. PCA SKIN has highly trained, skilled and experienced skin care professionals

You should also consider PCA SKIN products because the company hires experienced professionals only. PCA SKIN staff are highly trained, skilled and experienced to make the best skincare products as well as select the best products/treatment plans for customers.

6. PCA SKIN is globally respected

PCA SKIN is recognized around the world by skin care professionals, physicians as well as the media for making some of the most innovative and effective skincare products. PCA SKIN has in fact been featured by many globally respected magazines such as Vogue, The Oprah Magazine, and NewBeauty just to mention a few. Very few skincare companies can boast of such global recognition.

7. PCA SKIN has a global reach

You should also consider PCA SKIN products because the company has a global reach. Since 1998, PCA SKIN has been distributing its products globally thanks to a longstanding global partnership with the company’s Canadian distributorship. Today, the company’s products are present in over 50 countries spanning all continents and the company’s reach is still growing.

8. PCA SKIN lists its authorized online retailers

One of the main problems with buying skin care products online is the presence of many online retailers selling counterfeit skincare products. PCA SKIN has solved this problem by listing its authorized online retailers on the official website. As a result, you are always assured of high-quality PCA SKIN products provided you buy them directly from PCA SKIN or from authorized online retailers.

9. The company offers unmatched customer service

Unlike other skincare companies, PCA SKIN has a team of highly trained and experienced customer support staff waiting to offer you professional and accurate skincare guidance/advice when selecting products. In fact, all customer support staff are licensed aestheticians who are capable of assisting you with any skin care problem/question you may have.


From the above information, it’s clear why PCA SKIN should be your 1st choice for all skincare products. The company has been producing superior skincare products backed by science and extensive R&D for a quarter of a century now. The company also employs the best professionals in the industry, offers the best variety of products for all skin care problems, is globally respected and has a global reach. When you consider many other factors such as the reasonable pricing of PCA SKIN products, it’s easy to see why all PCA SKIN products come highly recommended.

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