Latisse: 100% Thicker Eye Lashes in 4 months at Laser Plus Clinic Thunder Bay, Ontario

Latisse: 100% Thicker Eye Lashes in 4 months

LATISSE: Longer, Fuller Eye Lashes


It’s every woman’s dream to have longer and fuller eye lashes for cosmetic reasons. Long, fuller eye lashes are a sign of beauty in many cultures globally.

Unfortunately as we age, we lose the fullness of our eye lashes.

For decades, women have gone to great lengths to enhance their eye lashes by using fake extensions alongside eye makeup such as eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. Such techniques have exposed many women to serious problems such as eye infections not to mention the money lost in the process.

In addition, fake eye lashes are troublesome because the glue used to adhere the fake lashes to your lashes often end up pulling out your healthy eye lashes.

Not anymore!

There is a new and better solution for women who would love to have longer and fuller eyelashes minus all the problems associated with fake extensions among other artificial remedies for short and few to no eyelashes.

The solution is LATISSE (see the before and after photo gallery).

The treatment is so effective and safe that celebrities such as Mandy Moore and Jenny McCarthy have reportedly used and endorsed the treatment. Other celebrities such as Christina Hendricks have signed up to promote LATISSE which is a testament of the treatment’s popularity and effectiveness. Let’s however take a step back and discuss LATISSE from the basics.

What is LATISSE?

LATISSE (which is simply 0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) is an FDA approved treatment for growing eyelashes. The treatment has been specifically made for individuals (more so women) with few or short eye lashes. LATISSE is simply a prostaglandin analog used to treat abnormal hair patterns in the eye lashes i.e. loss or reduction. LATISSE works by increasing the growth of eyelashes including their length as well as thickness and darkness.

Watch the LashTalk Video where one woman gets her questions answered by professionals and DocTalk Video where a doctor explains LATISSE.

How does LATISSE work?

According to studies, LATISSE (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) works by extending the growth phase of eye lashes as well as increasing the number of hairs that sprout. This in turn results in longer and fuller eyelashes. The exact process by which LATISSE lengthens, thickens as well as darkens eyelashes isn’t fully understood. LATISSE has however been tested and proven to be effective and safely which is why the treatment is FDA approved.


LATISSE is applied once a day at night. Your face must be clean and free of makeup. You should also remove your contact lenses if you have any before application. When applying, place one drop of LATISSE (0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) on the disposable sterile applicator that comes with the LATISSE package. Apply the solution evenly along the upper eyelid margin skin at the base of your eyelashes. Your upper lid margin area (where the lashes grow from) should be lightly moist without any runoff. Blot excess runoff outside the application area using absorbent cloth or tissue. Dispose the applicator after using once.

Repeat the same procedure for the other eyelid margin using another new sterile applicator. Applicators shouldn’t be reused. It’s also important to note that you should use the brush and applicators supplied by LATISSE only. Also, don’t apply LATISSE on the lower eyelash line. Other important application information to note include; applying more than one drop of LATISSE per eyelid doesn’t increase the rate at which eyelashes growth. Also, eyelash growth resumes to pre-treatment level once you stop using LATISSE.


It takes approximately two months to start seeing significant results after consistent nightly use. After four months, most patients enjoy a 100% increase in thickness and fullness of the eyelashes. Length and darkness usually increases by 25% and 18% respectively after consistent nightly use for four months. After 3 to 4 months of consistent LATISSE use, your doctor may reduced your dosage requirements to once every two days instead of daily nightly use.

Visit LATISSE's before and after photo gallery.

Possible side effects

LATISSE is safe for most people according to clinical studies done before FDA approval. Customer reviews also indicate that the treatment is safe. Some people however experience side effects such as mild redness as well as increased sensitivity to light. In case any of these side effects become severe or are accompanied by severe swelling, burning, itching around or in your eyes, you should discontinue using LATISSE immediately and seek medical attention. Other severe side effects to look out for include; eye pain, visions problems as well as discharge from your eyes. LATISSE also has the potential to darken the eyelid skin and iris. This effects (especially darkening of eyelid skin) can however be reversed once you discontinue use. In a nutshell, LATISSE isn’t known to cause any severe side effects. Here is a link to the full product information (opens a PDF).


LATISSE should be use exactly as prescribed to avoid serious side effects. In fact, most side effects reported are as a result of improper usage i.e. reusing applicators, overdosing etc. LATISSE should also be avoided by individuals with eye problems like conjunctivitis, uveitis as well as upper eyelid allergies. You should also avoid LATISSE when using other eye medication to avoid adverse reactions. LATISSE should also be avoided by nursing and pregnant women as is the case with most medication/treatment for precautionary reasons. In a nutshell, LATISSE is safe when used exactly as prescribed by healthy individuals who aren’t taking any other medication. Even in cases when LATISSE accidentally gets into the eyes, most users haven’t reported any adverse side effects.

Watch the video on How to Apply LATISSE.


LATISSE stands out as one of the few FDA approved treatments for individuals interested in having longer, fuller eye lashes. This simply attests to the treatment’s effectiveness and safety. Furthermore, LATISSE has been tested and proven to work safely by many including celebrities. Considering the fact that possible side effects can be avoided completely by using the treatment as prescribed and adhering to precautionary information, LATISSE is undoubtedly the best treatment in the market today for longer, fuller eye lashes.

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