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Laser Genesis: Everything You Need to Know

Introduction: What is laser genesis?

Laser genesis is an innovative/technologically advanced non-invasive laser therapy that promotes skin health/vibrancy. Unlike most skin treatment methods, laser genesis treats the skin inside out by penetrating deep into the skin’s cellular layer. The treatment is therefore able to deal with many skin problems effectively since most skin problems arise from the skin’s cellular layer.

The chemical peels and microdermabrasion involved in the treatment help to refine the skin’s surface while the laser corrects skin problems at cellular level. 

What skin problems does laser genesis treat?

Laser genesis is used to treat very many different skin problems the most notable being;

  1. Facial redness
  2. Fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Enlarged pores
  4. Rough skin texture
  5. Acne scarring
  6. Scarring (from surgery, trauma or burns)
  7. Rosacea

What areas does laser genesis treat?

Laser genesis is popularly used to treat skin problems on the face, neck, shoulders, back and chest. The treatment has however been tested and proven to eliminate scars on most parts of the body.

How does laser genesis work?

Laser genesis treats skin problems by promoting the growth of new skin cells and increasing the production of collagen (which alongside the heat produced by the laser treatment) helps to shrink skin pores on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Laser genesis also works by smoothening out fine lines, evening out rough skin and fading scars treating many of the skin issues mentioned above in the process. Laser genesis also closes down tiny veins and capillaries responsible for causing persistent skin redness.

Laser genesis produces subtle results at first. The results then increase with time as increasing collagen levels promote the growth of new, beautiful and smooth skin. The benefits of the treatment continue to increase as the number of treatments increases (since laser genesis isn’t a one-off procedure). The average laser genesis patient receives 4 treatments before they can experience optimized results. The treatment sessions can however go all the way up to 10 for severe skin problems.

The number of treatments is determined by many factors the most notable being the severity of the skin problem in question. The skin growth cycle as well as the spread and size of enlarged skin pores also determine the number of treatments a patient is supposed to receive. As a result, the number of laser treatments is determined on a case by case basis.

Since laser genesis is a painless procedure, anesthetics aren’t necessary. The procedure is also relatively fast i.e. takes approximately 30 minutes per session.

What does laser genesis feel like?

Laser genesis is a 100% painless non-invasive treatment which explains why anesthetics aren’t necessary. Many people who have undergone laser genesis describe the treatment as a relaxing therapeutic procedure. You should however expect to feel some gentle warmth when the laser is moving across your skin approximately half an inch above the surface. Some patients have also described a tingling sensation that lasts for a few minutes during treatment. All in all, the procedure can be described as gentle and comfortable.

Does laser genesis cause any side effects?

Most laser genesis patients don’t experience any side effects after treatment. The few that experience side effects experience mild effects such as slight redness/pinkness. This side effect is common among patients with very sensitive skin. It is however important to note that this slight redness/pinkness lasts for a few hours only (utmost 2 hours after treatment). A few patients (with sensitive skin) also complain of mild peeling and/or skin irritation on/around the treatment area. In a nutshell, laser genesis is a very safe treatment procedure with very little to no side effects. As a result, the procedure has no downtime. You can resume your normal daily activities immediately after the procedure.

When should you expect to see results?

Most laser genesis patients start seeing significant results 3 to 9 weeks after the first treatment. The results take some time since the treatment targets skin cells deep inside the skin’s middle layer and the new/repaired/rejuvenated skin cells take some time to reach to the skin’s surface. When they do, patients start seeing significant improvements in skin redness, texture, fine lines and scarring.

It is however important to note that you can start seeing some changes immediately i.e. a few days after treatment. It is also worth noting that the treatment is cumulative which simply means; your skin’s condition continues to improve with each treatment. The time it takes to see the results can also vary depending on the skin type, diet and exercise. It is therefore advisable to remain active and maintain a good skin-friendly diet to increase your chances of seeing significant results faster.

How long do the laser genesis results last?

The longevity of laser genesis results varies from one person to another with most people experiencing sustained results that last 6-12 months. The results can however be extended in a number of ways. For instance, you need to follow the personalized skin care regimen/maintenance program you are given to extend the results for years. In general, the duration of the results will be determined by the lifestyle you maintain, diet, exposure to sun as well as the skin care products you use. You can therefore do the following to prolong the results of laser genesis;

  1. Avoid direct exposure to the sun. You can do this by ensuring you protect your skin using a suitable sun block i.e. an SPF 50 broad spectrum sun block, all year round.
  2. Follow your prescribed skin care regimen/maintenance program to the letter.
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol excessively.
  4. Avoid smoking.
  5. Eat a healthy/balanced diet.
  6. Exercise regularly.
  7. Do a single maintenance/booster treatment every 6-12 months.

How much does laser genesis treatment cost?

Since different patients have different skin problems which vary in severity, it is impossible to estimate the exact cost of laser genesis treatment. The cost varies depending on many things i.e. size of the affected area, number of treatments required, treatment location etc. It is advisable to visit your dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and quote.


The above information summarizes everything you need to know about laser genesis from the definition to the side effects as well as the longevity of the treatment method. The treatment clearly has more benefits than most skin treatments today. For instance, the treatment is effective in treating a variety of stubborn skin problems. The treatment is also painless with no severe side effects. The treatment is also fast with no downtime. Laser genesis is undoubtedly one of the best/most advanced skin treatment methods available today.

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