Facial and Body Peels: Everything You Need to Know at Laser Plus Clinic Thunder Bay, Ontario

Facial and Body Peels: Everything You Need to Know


Facial and body peels are undoubtedly among the top non-surgical procedures/treatments for improving skin texture and appearance today. The peels are effective in treating just about any skin texture and appearance problems you can think of from acne and hyper pigmentation to aging related skin problems like wrinkles. The peels work on a very basic premise as the name suggests i.e. they exfoliate the skin (cause peeling) which gets rid of most skin problems since most skin problems originate from the upper layer of the skin. The peels also work by stimulating collagen production, boosting skin hydration as well as tightening the skin which smoothens out the skin eliminating common signs of aging.

It’s important to note that there are very many types of facial and body peels available today. The best peels are however administered by true professionals such as Laser Plus Clinic with the professional capacity and access to the best skincare peeling products. Laser Plus Clinic offers the most gentle but effective facial and body peels for all kinds of skin imperfections. The clinic offers one of the best types of peels i.e. PCA chemical peels which utilize some of the best skincare products from PCA-SKIN; one of the best skincare companies globally today.

Types of facial and body peels

There are many types of facial and body peels the most notable difference being their formulation. Peels are usually formulations selected according to many factors i.e. skin type and skin problem being treated. For instance, there are different formulations for treating different skin types. There are also special peels for treating different skin problems.

Some of the best peels i.e. PCA chemical peels are customized by skin experts to meet the specifications of each and every patient. PCA chemical peels are scientifically formulated by skin experts to get rid of skin imperfections gently but in a very effective manner. The most effective facial and body peels must be customized to meet the specific needs of a patient to guarantee effectiveness.

PCA chemical peels get rid of dead layers of the skin as well as damaged skin. The peels also tighten the skin resulting in skin that is smooth and glowing with a youthful look and feel.

Choosing the right facial and body peels

Considering there are very many types of peels available today for all types of skin problems, it’s important to know how to choose the right peel for you. Below is a brief criteria for choosing the best facial and body peel for you.

1. Go for custom peels: As mentioned above, the best peels are those that are customized to meet your needs perfectly i.e. PCA chemical peels

2. Go for gentle/mild peels: The best facial and body peels are also gentle. You should settle for peels that don’t cause chemical burns and result in deep peeling. PCA chemical peels are very mild. They are very gentle and cause very mild exfoliation when there is a little flaking.

3. Seek facial and body peels from professionals: Like mentioned above, the best peels are administered by skin experts. Laser Plus Clinic has skin experts with the knowledge and experience to conduct safe and effective facial and body peels.

4. Go for peels done using high quality products which have been tested and proven: The effectiveness of facial and body peels is highly dependent on the products used. As a result, you should stick to peels done using the best skincare products in the market today i.e. PCA SKIN and Pro-Derm products.

What to expect

Now that you already know what facial and body peels are, the types and the most important things to consider when choosing a facial and body peel, let’s shift our focus to what the entire process is all about.

What to expect before treatment

You need to prepare yourself prior to going for a facial and body peel to get the best results possible. To prepare effectively, you should;

1. Avoid tanning, waxing or receiving any chemical depilatory treatment, getting collagen injections and microdermabrasion treatments two weeks before your appointment.

2. Avoid exposure to the sun 10 days prior to treatment. This precaution ensures you don’t go to receive treatment when you have sunburns.

3. Avoid using Retin-A, Differin, Renova as well as products with a high percentage of glycolic acid 5 days prior to treatment. This precaution makes results more predictable.

4. Avoid using any skincare products which haven’t been approved by your skin specialist.

It’s also important to note that pregnant women aren’t eligible candidates for facial and body peels. This can be attributed to the fact that extensive research hasn't been done to determine the effect of facial and body peels (if any) on unborn babies.

Expected effects

Although facial and body peels done by professionals like Laser Plus Clinic don’t cause any adverse side effects, you should expect some mild effects like; slight redness, peeling, flaking, slight tightness and/or temporary dryness.

What to expect during treatment

The best facial and body peels i.e. PCA chemical peels are extremely gentle and comfortable. You shouldn’t therefore worry about any discomfort, pain among other effects of peels done by novices.

What to expect after treatment

Peels obviously result in peeling. The best peels however result in mild peels, flaking and redness. Most of these effects i.e. redness last for a few hours for most patients. To get the best out of your treatment, you should avoid applying makeup for at least a day after treatment to give your skin time to stabilize and rest. You should expect peeling after a day or two. You should also avoid applying anything including AHA products unless the products are prescribed to you by your skin specialist since such products cause irritation.

You should also avoid exposure to direct sunlight and excessive heat for at least 4 days after treatment. You should use a sun block (recommended by your skin specialist) to avoid hyper-pigmentation. You should also avoid pulling or picking loose or exfoliating skin as this can increase hyper-pigmentation risks. It is also advisable to avoid collagen injections, electrolysis, facial waxing as well as the use of depilatories for at least 5 days after treatment.

Other activities you are supposed to avoid include; swimming, using the steam room, Jacuzzi or sauna, exercising or participating in any other activity that causes excessive sweating. In a nutshell, you should stay cool and free of any skin care products that aren’t prescribed to you by your skin specialist.

How many treatments do you need?

You may require two or more peels to get the best results. It is however important to note that different people respond differently to facial and body peels.


The above information summarizes everything you need to know about facial and body peels from the definition, types and how to choose the best peels to what to expect before, during and after treatment. After going through the above information, you shouldn’t have a problem understanding the basics of facial and body peels as well as knowing how to choose and get the best out of them.

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