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Titan For Loose Skin: Everything You Need to Know

Overview: What is Titan?

Titan can be defined as the newest most effective non-surgical skin tightening technology available today. Titan can also qualify as the most researched infra-red deep dermal heating solution for all skin types. In fact, most of the popularity behind Titan lies in the fact that the technology has been thoroughly researched and proven to be effective.

Titan is part of the larger completely customizable workhorse by Cutera offering skin treatment options accommodating preferred solutions for any medical practice specializing in skincare. In simpler words, has more and better configuration possibilities than any other multi-application skincare platform in the market today. Titan is nothing short of this. It's the ultimate skincare aesthetic workstation designed to give practices unmatched power to adapt today and for many years to come.

Although Titan has many applications, the workstation stands out for treating skin problems relating to loose skin. Titan utilizes light energy to influence new collagen growth beneath the skin's surface tightening skin on the face, arms, abdomen and legs. As a result Titan is a perfect solution for enhancing a healthy and youthful appearance without having to undergo surgery or painful injections.

Wrinkles and sagging skin are very common skin problems with age as the skin loses elasticity. Collagen strands tend to stretch out with age. Titan is a perfect solution for reversing collagen-related signs of aging which revolve around loose skin.

Product specifications

The Titan has many impressive features the most notable being;

  1. Wavelength: 1100 – 1800 nm
  2. Fluence: 5 - 65 J/cm2
  3. Spot size: Titan V: 10 by 15 mm, Titan XL: 10 by 30 mm
  4. Treatment Cycle: 4 to 10 seconds
  5. Exposure Indicator: Audible tone & LED indicator 

What skin problems does Titan treat?

Titan treats a variety of skin problems affecting many areas from sagging bottoms and cellulite to bumpy thighs, loose skin due to weight loss or loose skin after a pregnancy. All these skin problems fall under painless skin tightening applications of the Titan. 

Who is behind Titan?

To be able to understand why Titan is so effective for loose skin among many other related problems, it's important to discuss the company behind the machine. Titan is made by Cutera, a company founded almost two decades ago (in 1998) by a team of highly skilled and experienced laser and optical engineers. Today, Cutera is a globally recognized and respected pioneer in the medical aesthetic industry. The company has engineered high-tech medical aesthetics devices tested and proven to offer the highest levels of performance, efficacy and safety.

Cutera's devices address a very wide range of facial and body medical aesthetic applications. The results of Cutera's devices have driven patient satisfaction as well as practice growth to very high levels. This can be attributed to many things the most notable being the fact that Cutera partners with physician clients in an effort to understand their needs in-depth and deliver solutions that meet those needs perfectly.

From the above information, it's clear that Titan is made by a global leader in the medical aesthetic industry.

How does Titan work?

Titan works in two main ways. One, the machine induces tightening of loose skin by utilizing deep heating. The Titan also works by stimulating collagen production which naturally tightens skin reversing the effects/signs of aging like wrinkled and contouring skin. The Titan's light source produces energy ranging from 1100 -1800 nm which is effective and safe enough for volumetric heating of the inner layer of the skin (the dermis). The Titan's infrared light as well as optimized cooling move heat deep into the skin for collagen remodelling. The Titan simply creates the optimal temperature and light profile across the inner layers of the skin required for effective collagen remodelling (and all this is done while protecting and preserving the epidermis).

How does Titan treatment feel like?

Titan treatment is a painless procedure. As mentioned below, the machine utilizes safe light i.e. 1100-1800 nm which is safe and effective for heating the dermis. Titan treatment is non-surgical which eliminates the pain associated with surgical procedures i.e. painful cuts and injections. According to many customer reviews, Titan treatment is painless and comfortable. Titan patients however experience some warmth on the treatment area since the Titan utilizes heat to stimulate collagen production which in turn tightens loose skin.

Who is Titan for?

The Titan is safe for use by everyone regardless of age or skin color. The Titan is however popular individuals (over 40 years) since collagen production deteriorates with age. Individuals falling in the over 40 age bracket are most susceptible to skin elasticity problems among other related skin problems. Titan is also popular with patients who have lost weight and have loose skin, or mother's who have loosen skin after a pregnancy.

In regards to preferences, Titan is great for patients who aren't ready for surgery. If you have loose skin problems but you don't want painful and expensive surgical treatments for such problems, the Titan is a great option for you. Titan patients don't undergo painful surgical injections and cuts which usually leave undesirable marks on the skin. The Titan is also ideal for you if you are in need of fast treatment with no recovery time. You can receive treatment and proceed with your daily routine after Titan treatment. Surgical skin procedures don't allow this privilege.

Does Titan cause any side effects? Is it safe?

Numerous customer reviews attest to the fact that Titan treatment is safe and doesn't cause any side effects. In fact, the Titan has FDA clearance for topical heating purposes aimed at elevating tissue temperature.

When should you expect to see results?

You should expect some improvement immediately to few days or weeks after treatment depending on many factors i.e. treatment area, size of treatment area and age.


The cost of treatment varies depending on many factors the most notable being; size of treatment area as well as the location of treatment.


The Titan stands out as the most effective, painless, non-surgical solution for loose skin today. The machine is made by one of the most reputable companies in the medical aesthetic industry (i.e. Cutera). The machine has also been tested and proven to work fast and safely with no down-time. If you aren't ready for surgical treatments for loose skin problems, Titan treatment comes highly recommended.

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