Botox® is a quick non-surgical procedure that removes wrinkle lines, and is known to relieve a variety of hyperactive muscle conditions. 

See our article, BOTOX: Everything You Need to Know on our Beauty Blog.


Our professional medical team is offering 20% Off Botox throughout October.

Botox 20% off for the month of October 2016. Call 1-807-622-0411 

Please call us at 1-807-622-0411, or use the contact form to request more information about BOTOX treatments can help you refresh your look. If you decide to go ahead with the treatment, you will meet with Dr. Gupta who can determine the amount BOTOX required for your treatment area. Treatment can begin right after consulting with Dr. Gupta

Please Note: If you purchase a gift certificate for the BOTOX special offer, it needs to be used within three months to get the discount.

Visit the Resources section for brochures in French and English, as well as, pre and post treatment recommendations.

Where can I read about BOTOX®?

Please visit the website BOTOX® Cosmetic to learn about BOTOX®.

I had BOTOX in the creases between my eyebrows. My kids thought I looked friendlier.

 Greg P.

Wow. Great service.

 Jane C.

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