I'm so happy with how long the Juvederm products last. I love how my face looks fuller and younger.

 Francine J.

I had BOTOX in the creases between my eyebrows. My kids thought I looked friendlier.

 Greg P.

Wow. Great service.

 Jane C.

After laser hair removal treatments, I finally feel comfortable about swimming without a shirt on. 

 John F.

Every year, I would notice more spider veins on my legs until I started to feel uncomfortable about wearing shorts in the summer. Laser Vein Therapy removed my spider veins and I'm so happy with the results.

 Karen A.

I've tried so many treatments to reduce my acne scarring. Laser Genesis was the best solution that I have found. I'm so happy that I tried this.

 Lorraine A.

My Titan Treatment has helped me to feel so much better about my appearance. It is a way to have a face lift without the surgery.

 Martha B.

I loved my Titan Treatment. I was starting to feel so self conscious of my neck and now I simply feel ten years younger.

 Mary R.

I spent too much time in a sun when I was younger and I had so many age spots that I didn't like how I looked. May treated me with Solar Genesis and I love the results.

 Nellie K.

I recommend the Laser Plus Clinic. May Naimian does a wonderful job. She is on top of her work and she is a real expert. I am very happy with what she did for me.

 Par M.

I use both PCA and Pro-Derm skin care products from Laser Plus Clinic. They feel incredible on my skin! I can’t really describe the feeling. You have to try it to understand. I had used Olay products for years and I thought their line of skin care products were nice. You can actually ‘feel’ the difference on your skin with PCA and Pro-Derm products. You only need a small amount. Pro-Derm and PCA are light, and it feels like my skin can breathe again. I highly recommend you give them a try.

 Stacey G.

Microdermabrasion left my face feeling and looking younger. It was a treatment I could afford and I recommend it highly.

 Tracy W.

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